This Skull Armchair Is For The Super-Villains

Do you want to own a very cool piece of furniture? Do you need an evil boss chair? Do you have what it takes to be a super-villain? Well, French designer Gregory Besson has designed a chair just for you. It is shaped like a skull and is made from reinforced fiberglass with real leather plush seating.

skull armchair

It is a work of art that is for sure. The attention to detail is very brilliant. The entire chair was hand fabricated by Besson himself and that is what makes it unique. The reinforced fiberglass was molded and assembled, where it was then sanded down to create the matte finish.

skull armchair 1

It is not yet sure whether the chair will be for sale or not but the designer’s website gives some details to it. As it is hand crafted, each chair will be completely unique in color and style. However, like most designer things, it will be quite expensive. But if you want to become and look like a super-villain, that is an investment you should be willing to make.

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