This Professional Battery has Been Designed Specifically for Powering Your GoPro

It’s always good to see a new product out in the market that beats its predecessors.  In this case it’s a battery called FATBAT.  It’s the world’s first professional battery for GoPro.

fatbat5 fatbat2

The FATBAT offers an incredible 12 hours of battery time which means 1-2 full shooting days on the one charge.  Manufactured by QUBA.PRO, this is a revolutionary and professional external battery (power bank) especially designed for GoPro HERO4, HERO3+ and HERO# cameras.  The second feature of FATBAT is a universal charger with huge capacity (up to 12.000 mAh) for mobile phones, tablets and handheld game consoles: FATBAT charges the iPad Air once, the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 over three times and other smartphones multiple times.  The third feature is the module, which turns FATBAT into ultra-bright Flashlight with 1000 Lumens.

fatbat4 fatbat1

FATBAT is powered by three 18650 batteries.  It has a die-cast metallic body with a universal ¼” screw, FATBAT is the right choice for GoPro professionals, serious amateurs and travellers around the world.  All you have to do is add batteries and shoot all day long.  The ribbed FATBAT caps ensures a secure grip.  It’s compatible with any pole, monopod, or tripod.  You can add one battery or two or even three.  It has three independent channels of power.  Just remember that FATBAT is not waterproof.  The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  You can preorder the device for $79.  The device will be available in June 2015 for $99.

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