This New Range Of Smart Privacy Glass Is Simply Awesome

Innovative Glass has invented an amazing technology that has greatly reduced our dependence on blinds and curtains for privacy. It is a new innovative glass that can switch between clear and dark on the touch of a button. The first product is called LC Privacy Glass and is electrically activated. When the glass in being provided with electricity, the panels remain clear and transparent. However, as soon as the switch is turned off, the panels turn opaque and the view is obscured.

smart opaque glass 2

The second one is the SPD Smart Glass that is dynamically variable, it changes its tint level from soft to dark blue and you have the ability to control the amount of light going through the windows. As opposed to simply ON/OFF feature this is infinitely adjustable and can block out over 99.5% of light transmission in its fully opaque state. This allows you to have complete control over the heat/light entering the room, plus the control over the view outside.

smart opaque glass 3

And on the same line their Sun-activated, SolarSmart Glass is also a tint level changing glass. But as the name suggests it is smart in its design, and the user does not have to do anything to control it. It is fully automatic, self-tinting glass that continuously adapts to the sun and the changing environmental conditions.

smart opaque glass 4

The company calls this glass “Suntuitive” and the glass reacts to the brightness of the sun. Solar Smart glass does not require any electricity and all the operations are exclusively controlled by the warmth of the sun, which is pretty cool.

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