This Magic Spray Makes Everything Virtually Indestructible

LineX is known for making tough materials for the past 20 years. They might have outdone themselves with their new invention. Their new spray make everything virtually indestructible. The spray is an amazing mixture of chemical concoction that is suitable to use with most materials. The spray can be used on water containers, around animals and other normal day stuff.

The coating is very thin yet very strong. An experiment was conducted to test the spray called Paxcon. It was set up in two identical concrete structures side by side, one was coated with Paxcon while one wasn’t. The setting was completed with an office type setup with a desk and a dummy- and 200lb equivalent of TNT. The blast was set off 30-feet away from the structures. The results are incredible. The dummy in the Paxcon protected room was unscathed while the other one was not. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video below:

The company is the first and only of 27 other tested elastomeric polymers to pass all of the Air Force Laboratory Force Protection Branch bomb tests. The U.S. government is now in the works of integrating the technology across a large array of applications, including military vehicles to bomb-proof vests, and potentially even on aircraft. But the question remains, how tough is it?

Well according to the official figures, the coating can withstand tensile strengths up to 6600 PSI and resist tearing up to 780 lbs per inch. It is one of the toughest coating that we can find on the market today. What makes it even better is that it is fire resistant. It easily outperforms stainless steel and carbon fiber. Take a look at another video to see how tough Paxcon actually is:

The practical applications of Paxcon are immense. It can be used to protect buildings from natural disasters like earthquakes and other hazards like planted bombs. Planes could have an extra barrier to resist blasts. The applications are endless and could save many lives. It can be applied to truck suspensions to guarantee lifetime protection from scuffs as well as farming equipment to resist wear and tear.

As the coating can be applied to any surface, it can have many military applications as well to resist bullets fired on vehicles and even persons. Future developments might make it a regulation and a standard in construction and engineering. You can check LineX website for more information on Paxcon but for now, here is a video of the spray preventing a water bottle from exploding for the glory of science:

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