This Keyboard Cover will Transform Your Mac Keyboard into an Emoji Machine!

Disk Cactus from Oakland, CA are a tech studio and they have come up with a clean way for you to turn your keyboard into an Emoji churner!

Mac Emoji Board (2)

If you are one for the gazillion funky emoji and you need them ALL at your fingertips, this is for you.

This item is a silicone keyboard cover cum magic software in one. The package includes a keyboard cover spiked with your favourite Emoji and a custom software for your Mac so you can punch keys to get emoji directly into your text. With this, you can access over 150 emoji without interrupting your flow.

Mac Emoji Board (1)

Touted as The Emoji Keyboard, “the silicone cover has emoji screen printed right on the keys and combined with our custom keyboard layout software, you can type emoji anytime. Like other keyboard covers, ours also protects your keyboard from dust and liquid”, claims Disk Cactus. “After you receive your keyboard cover, download our installer to enable the emoji keyboard layout”.

Mac Emoji Board (2)

They are only working on Mac OS X version at the moment. Creators offer two sizes to fit Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Apple Wireless Keyboard.

It doesn’t interrupt your normal typing, but with this software, the Caps Lock key will activate emoji mode. This way, it’s super easy to turn it on/off with the push of a button.

Mac Emoji Board (1)

To use the variety of emoji available, use keys with the shift, control, and option keys. The creators say, “We put a lot of thought into this layout. Once you explore a bit, you will quickly memorize the locations of your favorite emoji characters. The printed keys are your hieroglyphic guide”.

Crowdfunding for the project is underway on Kickstarter and the funds will go into developing highest quality product. If this seems like your  cup of tea, pledge your support!

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