This is What’s Inside a Rolex Submariner

Watchmakers can not only MAKE amazing watches. They can take them apart with skill to show you just what’s inside.

In this video by Watchfinder & Co., Head Watchmaker Tony Williams dissects a Rolex Submariner to reveal the intricate nature of a water-proof luxury watch. The detail that goes into making a chronometer is unfathomable; hundreds of teeny tiny components compiled meticulously to make the watch function accurately. No wonder they are of such high value!

Rolex Submariner 1

Back in their day, they were somewhat affordable, as the video description explains: “First revealed to the public in 1953, the Rolex Submariner was a diving watch for everyone. Appealing to both professional and hobby divers, the Submariner set the standard for the category, its affordability and practicality unmatched. Rolex also developed non-chronometer versions of the Submariner that were even more affordable, costing roughly two weeks’ pay at the time.”

Rolex Submariner 2

Check out the video here:

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