This is what PC gaming looks like at 4K resolution

All the images below are unedited and taken directly from the game. Large resolution monitors and TVs are the future, in 5, 10 years in the future people will be looking back and laughing at our miniscule 1920×1080 resolutions. As you can see below 4000 resolution gaming really is spectacular and the future of PC gaming.

Crysis 3

Metro: Last Light

Hitman: Absolution

Battlefield 3

The Witcher 2

Mirror’s Edge


Planetside 2

Bioshock Infinite

Batman: Arkham City

Need for Speed: Shift 2

Borderlands 2


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Portal 2


Dead Space 3

Tomb Raider

Dirt 3


If you want to download them in their full resolution you can go here.

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