This Is What Happens When Coke Cans Meet Flowing Lava

The need to find answers is what drives us to accomplish a number of amazing feats. Photographer Bryan Lowry came up with the question, “What would happen if a can of Coke crossed paths with molten lave?” Like any other logical person, his next step was to go and visit a volcano in Hawaii and find out for himself.

He took two cans of coke with him, one sporting a pinhole at the top while the other was sealed completely. Yes, most of us are questioning his sanity by now, are we not? However, you have to check out the amazing result of the experiment first. He used Nikon D800 for the shooting.

LavaPix brought two Coke cans with him to the flowing lava bed.Bryan Lowry Coke Cans Experiment in Lava

One can featured a tiny pinhole while the other one was completely sealed.Bryan Lowry Coke Cans Experiment in Lava 2

The lave that has erupted freshly can vary from 700-1200 °C and as per manufacturers, Coca Cola is served best at 4 °C.Bryan Lowry Coke Cans Experiment in Lava 3

The staged experiment by Bryan Lowry resulted in an epic video.Bryan Lowry Coke Cans Experiment in Lava 4

He made use of a GoPro to capture the video to ensure that he was not in any personal danger. Bryan Lowry Coke Cans Experiment in Lava 5

After watching the video, we are actually amazed by the serenity of the whole project. The meeting of lava with coke cans sure seems hypnotizing. Anyway, in case you’re planning to do any such experiment on your own, let us warn you that lava can reach temperatures of 1600 degrees Celsius. According to experts if you’re going to approach lava make sure the wind isn’t downward of lava since a little splash can be enough to give you 3rd-degree burns.

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