This Is How The Year 2115 Will Look Like

What will our future look like?  Floating cities, flying to work and traveling in cars capable of operating underwater?  You never know, but at the rate technology is advancing we could be closer to the future than some might think.

future in 2115 2

Just imagine vacationing to the moon or even Mars….how cool would that be? Researchers are predicting underwater cities, personal drones and mega-skyscrapers by the year 2116.  This team of academics include architects, futurists and the speakers from the University of Westminster.

future in 2115 6

The speed and magnitude of change has been unbelievable, so in 100 years time, there is so much to look forward to.  Due to the increase in population, experts says that humans will live in large urban centers that have super tall skyscrapers.  There is also a prediction of ‘earth-scrapers’, building going as fas as 25 stories underground.  “Bubble Cities” that produce oxygen from surrounding water is also going to be a feature of the future.

future in 2115 5

Drones are already a big success in the technological era.  Now drone technologies are predicted to grow at a rapid rate enabling the everyday man to travel anywhere he would like to in his personal drone.  Drone ambulances might also be the future of emergency medical vehicles.   There are also predictions that say 3D printing technology will reshape our future.  Families will download a meal of their choice and just print it out.  Seems a bit far fetched but the future is getting closer day by day.

future in 2115 1

Though these are all predictions, you never know with technological growth sky-rocketing what might come next.  There might come a time when we will find it hard to imagine life without the ability to design ad print your own toys, or vacation of Mars.

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