This is A Challenge, Can You Steal This Bike?

YERKA is a twist on the conventional bike – quite literally.

Yerka Bike (4)

Yerka Bike (1)

A team of three engineering students, from Chile, has come up with a safe variation of the traditional bicycle, rendering it “unstealable”. The design feature a twist and lock system that’s unique and easy to use.

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The designers say, “The main goal of this project was to produce the most secure bicycle system ever created without affecting the integrity of the frame itself. We realized that performance and comfort can be achieved together which is why the beauty of YERKA’s design is in its simplicity. By thinking out of the box we came up with a concept that merges everything into one sleek design. And we couldn’t be more excited!”

Yerka Bike Specs

Their motto: “Make a lock out of the bike”. To steal the bike, a thief would have to cut through the main structure, which is of no use to anyone!

A lock has been incorporated into the frame of the bike. Twist, turn and Lock the bike with the exclusively-compatible seat itself. The bike also features anti-theft nuts on the wheels that match just one key, which is yours, so don’t have to worry about the wheels being stolen. The designers are also working on a Bluetooth unlocking app for added security and a key-less future.

Yerka Bike (3)

Yerka Bike (4)

Yerka Bike (3)


The whole frame of the YERKA is made out of steel, and the whole system is made of the hardened aluminium. At 11.5 kg (25 pounds), YERKA is lighter than a traditional fixie bike. The YERKA Locking Technology features a 12mm hardened steel shackle resist hand tool, reinforced collar over keyway and high security disc-style cylinder.

The YERKA campaign is currently running on Indiegogo, and has attained 109% of its goal! From this positive response, YERKA is set to launch in Nov 2015.

Yerka Bike Timeline

Backers get to enjoy special deals on their first YERKA. A YERKA frame can also be purchased if you wouldn’t want to part with your current bike!

Yerka Bike (1)Yerka Bike (1)With this bike, you can Ride in Peace!

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