This Homemade “Hoverboard” is Totally Awesome

If you have a curious mind, you have had the urge to build something from scratch at some point in your life. For guidance purposes, you can watch the videos on YouTube of a designer called Navin Khambhala who builds all sorts of creative projects from everyday things. Recently he built a “hoverboard”. While the name does not accurately project the true function of the machine, the machine itself is very cool. It is more of a balance board than a “hoverboard” and is made completely from stuff you can find in your house or your local departmental store.

homemade hoverboard 1

The main structure is made out of wood which houses all of the electronic internals. Two electric motors are then directly mounted to the board and are connected to two batteries. Instead of spending a large amount of money buying specific batteries, you can easily make do with laptop batteries which work just fine. Two switches are then used to turn the individual motors on. The board works quite well and Navin demonstrates that in his video. He also used bigger wheels on the board for greater stability. Extended wheels are used to maintain balance. The end product is very safe as it is difficult to fall off from such a stable structure.

homemade hoverboard

If you attempt to build this, make sure to take the necessary precautions. Do not use big batteries and use reasonable sized electric motors to prevent over speeding and fire. The design may not be elegant but it is incredibly fun to build with your own hands and it works very well as well. The best bit, you can build all this in under $100. You can take a look at Navin’s YouTube channel for more homemade creations. Take a look at his “hoverboard” video below:

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