This Handbag Comes With an LED Light To Help You Find Stuff Within It

A lady’s handbag is said to be an abyss of the unknown! Put something in and Lo and Behold! It vanishes! Specially the keys, they ALWAYS hide in the nooks and corners.

I have had days when I have rummaged through my bag to find things but tasted disappointment. It’s a tedious exercise that takes up to five minutes on any given day. How can we possibly end this vice?

The Leoht Tote (5)

Here comes The Leoht Tote -“the evolution of the handbag”. This is a chic piece of accessory that comes with an in-built lithium ion battery and LED lighting, two USB ports and wireless recharging capabilities. It no doubt is the Geeky Girl’s heaven!

The Leoht Tote (2)

The Leoht Tote (10)

Leoht is a wearable/ fashion technology startup company based in New York, and has taken to crowdfunding to bring its innovative design into production. A hybrid company, making its place in both the tech and fashion industry, Leoht has attempted to blend fashion and functionality into a remarkably trendy tote for the ladies.

The Leoht Tote (4)

The Leoht Tote weighs around 2 lb (900 g) on its own, and dimensions at 11 x 16.2 x 6.75 in (H x W x D). From the top of the strap to the bag opening, it drops 7.5 in (19 cm) and can easily house a number of items, ranging from your make-up kit to your laptop, tablet, and other essentials.

The Leoht Tote (3)

It features a 6,000k mAh hidden rechargeable battery, which is promised to last up to 30 days on standby and recharges wirelessly when placed on its charging plate. The battery is expected to have a shelf life of roughly two to four years, and is replaceable by Leoht. It is also rechargeable via the microUSB port while on the go.

The Leoht Tote (3)

USB ports also allow you to charge multiple devices from the bag. The external Power Panel is set with the on/off button, battery indicator, and a microUSB port for portable charging.

The Leoht Tote Inside (1)

The Leoht Tote Inside (2)

The Tote is equipped with interior as well as exterior LEDs, which puts a nice stop to all the rummaging we have to do! For the ninja in you, the bag has a hidden compartment dubbed “The Alcove” for keeping your valuables safely hidden.

The Leoht Tote (101)

Leoht comes in two colours – Black and Cognac, and two styles – Pressed or Slate, to suit your taste, and is touted to be “made of genuine leather, stunning hardware, and unmatched tech amenities”.

The Leoht Tote (1)

Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter , Leoht aims to raise US$100,000. Priced at $350, the Tote is available at an earlybird price of $149 in slate (solid) black, with trendier offers for higher pledges! With enough backing, The Leoht Tote is set to launch in October 2015 (with shipping currently limited to Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom).

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