This Geek Built A Vehicle That Can Fly To Avoid Getting Stuck In Traffic

We have always dreamt of flying cars, haven’t we? Engineers have also been attempting to build one for long now but have not yet been able to create one. However, an Aerospace Engineer Dezso Molnar has come up with a very innovative design that might be it. Molnar has created a motorcycle-like gyrocopter inspired flying car concept which is a little out of the ordinary. He has taken his invention out to the Mojave Desert to test, and he can reach some pretty incredible speeds, but hasn’t actually been able to fly the thing yet.

Gyrocopters are much like helicopters but their rotors spin passively. The engines moves the gyrocopters forward and this motion spins the overhead rotors and ultimately lift the copter up. Dezso wanted to make every human fly and built this machine in his garage. It still requires some investment and some design tweaks but it is still an incredible machine nonetheless. This vehicle shown in the video will be ultimately transformed into a gyrocopter. He also plans on a flying car league in the Mojave Desert which will surely attract a crowd.

flying car


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