This Cute Little Home In The Woods Is Simply Amazing

No matter how you feel about the move to smaller houses, you are going to want to see this tiny home from New Frontier. This company builds custom homes for their clients and make the 500 sq. ft. area look amazingly larger than it actually is. Take a look at some of the photos below.

tiny homes

tiny homes 3

These homes are normally built on wheels to help get around US building codes. The new model from New Frontier is only 240 sq. ft. and it is as amazing from the outside as it is from the inside. Building these homes is no easy task as well as a fair amount of engineering goes into their manufacturing.

tiny homes 2

tiny homes 1

When you look inside this small home, it feels double to triple as big as it looks from the outside. This is particularly bolstered by the open concept, which is common in tiny homes. Small decks are also used which help in finding extra living space for the inhabitants.

tiny homes 4


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