This Bookmark Also Works As A Book Light

If you read a lot of books, chances are that you know how important a good book light is. There are none in this category that make you go “Oh my God! I want that book light or bookmark” but all that is set to change. A new bookmark, called “bookmark” funnily enough, is set to hit the market that has a printed circuit of LEDs that light up when you pinch the bookmark ends together.

book light bookmark

The product is the brainchild of Kyouei Designs and is very innovative. It uses a transparent film having conductive ink that completes a simple circuit when charge is applied to appropriate positive and negative ends. Lithium ion battery is recommended but it works well with any type of battery.

book light bookmark2

It seems like a perfect gift for anyone who loves books and priced at just $16, it is a bargain as well. Gone are the days of using torn paper slips to mark the pages. This uniquely designed book light will make sure you never miss your desired page and never run of light even in the darkest of places.

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