This Bike Can Be Folded And Is Compatible With Your Smartphone, Meet JIVR

Innovative Bike Designs are on the roll! Folding bicycles are gaining popularity with bikers and sports adventurists. The folding procedure can, though, become tedious due to the chain. British start-up JAM Vehicles has created a solution to that: the JIVRess Bike. This e-bike functions with a chainless sealed drivetrain instead, removing the hassle of folding!

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“JIVR is a hybrid lifestyle bicycle. It’s the world’s first folding, electric bicycle compatible with smartphones”, promote the creators of this e-bike.

The JIVR weighs 33 lb (15 kg), foldable in four steps, and can be carted along on its 20-inch wheels once folded.

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JAM founder Marcin Piatkowski explains that the bike works with a purely mechanical direct-drive system that his team has three years developing.

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“The drivetrain is entirely encapsulated inside the frame, which creates a perfect environment for mechanics – no sand, dust or water can get in,” he says. “This makes the drivetrain extremely durable and maintenance free. It’s also as efficient as a regular chain drive, however its efficiency doesn’t decrease over time as in chain drive (chains usually get rusty, muddy, etc).”

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The model has a 350-watt hub motor in the front wheel. Conversely, the rear-wheel can be powered manually. The motor gives a maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph), powered by a 36-volt 9-Ah lithium-ion battery pack. A 90-minute charge of this can last a distance of about 20 miles (32 km).

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The e-bike is also Bluetooth 4.0 equipped, and can communicate with the owner’s smartphone. This design allows the device to be used as a handlebar-mounted control console! Equipped with iBeacon technology as well, it can interact with businesses or Apple smart devices that are within range.

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JAM is currently crowdfunding JIVR on Kickstarter. Head over to their campaign if you want in!

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