They saw a Baby Magpie on Brink of Death .. What Happened Next Will Move You!

The Bloom family of NSW, Australia saw a magpie lying on the side of the road, abandoned and on the brink of death.  They brought it home and nursed it back to health.  It has become a member of their family ever since.

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Rescued animals tend to show the greatest levels of gratitude to their saviours.  The Blooms named the magpie ‘Penguin’ and although it was never caged and given the opportunity to fly away whenever she wanted to, the bird chose to stick around.  “It was a really strong, windy day, and she’d fallen out of her nest,” says father Cameron Bloom, whose 11 year old son Noah, was the one who first spotted the baby bird near their hometown of Newport, Sydney.  “She barely had any feathers….and was close to dying.” The family consulted a veterinarian whether it was possible to raise a magpie chick.  They were told it was going to take a lot of time to care for her- they need to be fed regularly and often.  “And since I work from home, I had the time to research the diet for those types of birds, and in the end got her the right food and she started to flourish.”

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Penguin’s first bed was on the window sill, which she would poop all over as well as on their window cushions.  Now the magpie lives outside in a tree.  The Bloom’s made her a nest and she comes and goes as she pleases.  “She’s free, we don’t cage her or anything like that,” Mr. Bloom says.  “Recently, she was gone for six weeks.  She’s definitely missed- you never know if she’s been hurt or anything- but she’s here now.”

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Penguin plays catch, watches TV, flies into bed, cuddles up, and walks through their home.  The bird waits for the family to leave their home before flying on her own way and greets the kids when they get home from school.  To show their love for her, the Bloom family regularly update the magpie’s Instagram account, which featuring Penguin’s various escapades, whether it be Penguin lying on the bed, corpselike, or perched on the shoulders of a family member’s shoulders while they use the computer or eat.  “She’s just a good companion, and lot of fun.”

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