These Shoes Will Make Running at Night Fun!

If you aren’t a morning person, like me, you’re forced to shift your routine at normal +5 hours on any given day. This probably puts your exercise routine sometime after sunset. And we don’t want to jog straight into a tree, do we..

No, it didn’t happen to me, but it could, right? Wouldn’t it be so much better to have a permanent source of light on the go that didn’t tie our hands together like the conventional flashlight?

Night Runners Shoe Lights (4)

Night Runner Gear has launched 270-degree Shoe Lights that are designed to allow you to exercise more safely at night!

Night Runners Shoe Lights (5)

Doug and Renata Storer created these shoe lights after Doug fell into a pothole while training for the New York Marathon and injured himself.  They were inspired to create an easy to use light source that could prevent such accidents for the masses.

Night Runners Shoe Lights (2)

The Night Runner Shoe Lights are LED lights that fit onto trainers, illuminating the path ahead. Whether you’re running, jogging, walking or hiking, light your way with these powerful lights. They easily hook onto the shoelaces of footwear by an adjustable bracket that can be positioned to the likening of the user, pointed straight forward, upwards or downwards. The 75-lumen LED beams provide up to 30 meters (100 ft) of visibility and a 270-degree coverage.

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Night Runners Shoe Lights (7)

The lights are made up of multiple white LEDs facing forward to assist your movement, and a single red one facing backwards that sends visual signals to followers about your location. These safety lights can thus warn approaching motorists and secure your  life.

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These lights are housed on a bilateral winged rim that is both water-resistant and resilient to high-impact activities. Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, it is chargeable via a micro-USB port through a “Y” connector that can charge the pair simultaneously. The batteries can last between four and eight hours, depending on the level of usage.

Night Runners Shoe Lights (2)

The creators are crowdfunding the production of these Shoe Lights through a Kickstarter campaign, and have met their initial goal of US$35,000, which is going to be used for the first round of manufacturing.

The estimated delivery date is September 2015, with $15 fee to ship anywhere in the world. Backers can get a pair for as low as $50.

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