Thermacell’s New Mosquito Repellent Is A Must Have For All Backpackers

Thermacell makes a variety of battery-powered gadgets for outdoor lovers, among them a new line of mosquito repellents The packable Backpacker Repeller drops Thermacell’s mosquito-fighting technology into your pack so you can easily carry it to even the most faraway camping destinations. Thermacell claims 96 percent effectiveness against mosquitoes, black flies and other pesky flying insects.

thermacell backpacker mosquito repellent

Thermacell’s repellents are designed to set up a 15 x 15-foot (4.6 x 4.6-m) perimeter, giving you a safe zone from those annoying mosquitoes and black flies. There is a faint smell of the mosquito repellent in the air but nothing that a normal human cannot manage. You basically set it and then go to sleep calmly, without having the nuisance to deal with mosquito bites and that annoying sound they make while flying past your ear.

thermacell backpacker mosquito repellent 1

Thermacell has removed the butane cartridge to slim its product down and now depends on camping stove gas canister that all campers carry with them to get energy to run. The result is a model that weighs just 4 oz (114 g) and measures 3.8 x 2 x 2.6 inches while still offering the same 15 x 15-ft protection zone.

thermacell backpacker mosquito repellent 2

Backpacker also uses a piezo lighter for sparking the heating element like other of Thermacell’s products. The heat activates the blue repellent pad, which is soaked in allethrin, a synthetic insecticide. According to Thermacell, the system provides up to 80 hours of protection from a single 100g canister. Thermacell offers four- and new 12-hour allethrin pads.

thermacell backpacker mosquito repellent 3

As with any other piece of gear, individuals will have to weigh the benefits against the added weight and subtracted pack space. It’s still going to take up more space than a small bottle of mosquito spray, but it’ll also prevent you from smelling like chemicals for the rest of the trip. Backpacker will launch in early 2017 and cost an affordable $39.99.

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