The World’s First “noPhone” Phone

Nomophobia: It is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.  The term, an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia” was recognized in 2010.  The stress level that is reached by those who suffer from this is the equivalent to the wedding day jitters.  66% of the population suffer from this.


Our everyday lives revolve so much around our phone nowadays.  When we were kids we needed something to hold on to for reassurance, like a blankie or a stuffed toy.  Now we get that reassurance from our phones.  What happens when you have to be away from your phone, for whatever reason, perhaps you left it at a friend’s house, or it’s being repaired, or even when its sitting across the room on the charger.  We’ve come to depend upon that familiar feeling of it being in our hand, or the weight of it in our pocket.  It’s always there for us, never judging us.  This modern day fear has given many of us stress and a feeling of abandonment.  To deal with this problem, the no-Phone has been designed.  This phone is not equipped with Wi-Fi, nor Bluetooth, nor a screen or cellular connection, but it  will keep you in your comfort zone.


There are many uses for the noPhone.  Since the noPhone does not have a battery or wires to charge with there are no hassles.  It’s also shatterproof and waterproof.  It’s just a piece of equipment that is the same size and weight of your own phone.  It will act as your security blanket.  It’ll just be there for you, never leave your side.  Since it doesn’t actually do anything it won’t interfere with your daily interactions.  Another use for this phone is to get you out of the technology rat race.  These days we can’t even tell the time without our phones.  If we forget to charge our phones, we can’t even wakeup on time.  Is this ridiculous or what??  The noPhone will help to re-train yourself, get out of the habit of turning to your phone for everything.  Last but not least the noPhone can be used to distract your two year old.  We all know how kids want to grab our phones, so until they realize they’re holding dummies we can fool them for a little while, but it won’t be too long before they know how to operate the phone better than us.


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