The WonderCube – A 9-in-1 Phone Gadget Measuring just an Inch!

We have all had one of those days.. rummaging through our bag to find our smartphone charger, realizing we’ve left it home! Going through the tedious task of unmeshing our headphones and data cable (can never figure out what sorcery that is!).. or stepping on the USB drive and CRACK! all data gone.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to carry around so many things to be able to function in this day and age? Mine sure would be! Which is why THIS got me so excited!WonderCube

WonderCube is launching a 9-in-1, gadget to facilitate all your on-the-go electronic needs. And that too in an ultra-small device that doubles.. no, NINES up as a chic key-ring! Cherry on the top: WonderCube is available for both Android and iOS devices, and that too in multiple colors.

Launching in August 2015, WonderCube is “the world’s smallest all-in-one mobile solution for on the go generation”. This 9-in-1, 1 cubic inch gadget is small enough to sit on your finger tip and packs quite a punch with its multiple use design.

WonderCube 9-in-1 Gadget

Fitted with a built in cable, extendable up to 3 inches, it works as a data transfer cable between your smartphone and PC, as well as an on-the-go quick charger. Retract it to connect to an adapter and voila! You have a fully functional smart phone charger. Its gold plated connectors ensure quick charge through any USB port.

WonderCube Quick Charge

It’s cubic design has been crafted with great precision, which gives it the stability to work as a phone stand. Fitted with a micro-suction cups plate that equips it with the ability to support your phone in portrait as well as landscape position, it easily attaches and detaches from a phone’s back panel. Rest your phone against this tiny object to watch your favourite videos, Skype with your buddies or click a selfie, anywhere you are.

WonderCube Stand

The WonderCube is also fitted with a slot that supports external storage. The WonderCube OTG (on-the-go) is capable of supporting a micro-SD card of up to 64 GB that can be used to expand phone storage or simply used as a data traveler. Although this feature is currently available only for Android devices, WonderCube plans to include it for its iOS version in the future.

WonderCube Extra Memory

WonderCube works as a unique charger when paired with a gV battery. Fitted with a gV battery snap adapter, it can give you up to 3.5 hours of extra talk-time.

WonderCube Battery Charger

To top it all off, WonderCube has been designed to illuminate your way! It’s equipped with a powerful LED torch to guide you during blackouts or simply to shed light into nooks and corners when you need it.

WonderCube LED Torch

With so many features, the WonderCube neatly folds into a durable cube with soft edges and easily fits in the pocket. Designed as a key-ring, it can house all your important keys and important data in one place.

WonderCube Size

Pre-order for WonderCube opens today, with exclusive launch offers and customization options. Head to their official webpage to place your orders now.WonderCube cover CubePersonalised CubeColors

Note: The campaign has raised 12% of its goal within the first few hours of launch!!!

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