‘The Ultimate 3D Printing Dictionary’ Is Here

With the increasing growth of 3D printing, lots of processes, tools and other bit’s and bobs turn up, needing proper names and this is exactly where the language’s world takes over.

There does not exist any governing body that christens everything. However, the upside of it is that everyone is capable of playing their role in the world of 3D printing instead of depending upon a large company to do this all for them and leave the people with things they may not agree with or could use some improvement.

An online dictionary named “The Ultimate 3D Printing Dictionary” has been put together by ZMorph recording as many terms as ZMorph could be able to find related with 3D printing. It is published on medium.com.

The 3D Printing Dictionary Is Here (1)

Instead of being dispersed all through the internet, holding all this information in one place is undoubtedly very valuable, especially for those who are just the beginners. Sometimes, even the experts face problems regarding a new acronym, thereby, this essential resource is a source of information for beginners as well as experts and ensures that everyone is on the same wavelength.

Take a quick look at the few of the terms:

  • Additive manufacturing: It refers to various fabrication processes used to manufacture 3D objects by adding layers of the material. It’s another name for 3D printing.
  • Artifact: An object or form printed on the worktable next to the actual object. It’s used as a transitional and cleaning artifact when using ZMorph dual-head extruder or Dual PRO in order to clean the nozzle between filament changes.
  • Brim: A few layers of filament printed in a distance from the object itself to ensure proper filament flow before actual printing.

The 3D Printing Dictionary Is Here

The terms include examples of products that ZMorph sells, so it does bring up an argument that in this case, people are in fact relying on a company to provide them with definitions for terms within the 3D printing community. Regardless of this fact, it is still a very efficient tool which can assist a lot of people. Also, you must be familiar with this that the users are able to add to the dictionary via comments which are then approved before being featured.

If it does not turn out to be your preferable place to go to for definitions, then google is always here. However, if you are in search of a place that is well-organized and is not cluttered with links to site upon site with differently worded explanations, this one is indeed worth a try. Similar to google, the accessible Ctrl+F function lets you search through everything.

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