The Solar Pocket Factory Prints Out A Solar Panel Every 15 Seconds

A printer that could create solar panels? You gotta be geekying around, no?


We are talking about inventors Alex Hornstein and Shawn Frayne’s Solar Pocket Factory. Backyard experiments of these two master minds led to the invention of a photovoltaic panel printer that can print functional solar panels every 15 seconds.

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This gadget is a breakthrough in small scale solar panel business and printing alike.

The creators of this gadget were true solar fans and their hours and hours of experiments led them to one simple realization: micro solar panels that they used to power up their devices were not only brittle and badly made, they were downright expensive. Leave it to the “creators” to create a solution to their own problem: a printer that, with the right ingedients, can spew out high quality micro solar panels.

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Alex and Shawn automated the production via this method, reducing the cost of the Panels by 25%, as major portion of the cost of solar panels goes into assembling the item. Their source materials are also high quality, durable ones so you don’t have to worry about disintegration within a few years down the road.

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Their machine is just like a 3D desktop printer that can create micro solar panels every 15 seconds, which roughly translates into the ability to power around 1 million devices every year. This revolutionary idea incubated on Kickstarter back in 2012 and bagged the generosity of more than 1700 crowdfunding individuals, who have pledges $77,504 to bring this forth into mass production. Needless to say, the project was launched and the initial backers got hands on their kits in April 2013. Panels made from this gadget are available on the Solar Factory’s official website.

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The creators are looking to expand the idea, coming up with improved designs and an industrially viable machine that could make printing of solar panels mainstream.

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