The Salt Handgun Is The Latest Form Of Self Protection

A Chicago based company called Salt has started a crowdfunding campaign for their semi-lethal defensive weapon for personal use only. The founders were inspired to build such a weapon after witnessing a shooting near their home in Chicago that pushed them into building this weapon. The pneumatic pistol is designed to stop intruders using an incapacitating powder that temporarily blinds them while drastically lessening the possibility of family members being killed in an accident.

salt handun

The Salt is a Carbon Dioxide powered air-gun that shoots hollows plastic spheres much like paint-balls. But instead of paint these spheres release a fine powder made of oleoresin capsicum and other ingredients on impact. This mixture is extremely irritating and causes strong burning sensation and makes it difficult to breathe for anyone who encounters it. This is more potent than the one used for military purposes because the effects last for up to 50 minutes and this can be used to hit the attacker directly or create a cloud around you for protection.

salt handun 1

In addition, the Salt hand gun can also be shot from a distance without any conventional firearm noise and recoil making it more effective than sprays and Taser. The rounds also keep their potency intact for up to 3-4 years. The Salt Company had some hiccups on their way as the initial price was set for $279 and Indigogo also took off their orders because it violated their terms of use in selling weapons. However, the company is now taking pre-orders at $279 plus shipping for each handgun. The company claims that it has raised up to $75,000 on pre-orders only.

salt handun 2

Take a look at this video below:

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