The Rolling Bench

It’s moments after a rainstorm, and you’re waiting for the bus. All you want to do is sit down, but the bench is soaked.  Well, you’ll never have to sit on a wet bench again with The Rolling Bench created by artist and designer Sung Woo Park.

rolling bench3

This innovative design allows you to crank the handle to rotate the dry side of the bench up, providing you with a comfy and dry place to sit. The track-like design will reveal the dry spot for your convenience.  This is an intuitive design which is simple to use.  We wouldn’t recommend homeless people to sleep on these benches because the cops could crank the handle and roll them over.

rolling bench4 rolling bench2

Sung Woo Park is a designer from Seoul, Korea. Other than the Rolling Bench, Sung Woo’s other designs include a tiny USB stick camera, a universal remote that operates like a deck of cards, and an LED desk lamp designed to make use of the power left over in spent batteries.

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