The Purpose of Tiny Hole Next to iPhone’s Camera Finally Revealed

People have often wondered what the tiny hole next to an iPhone’s camera is all about. There have been many bizarre theories, some claiming that it is some sort of reset button like the one used in old Casio calculators, only to put a pin in there and find out that it isn’t. Just so we are clear, here is the hole we are talking about.

iphone microphone hole 1

All that speculation is about to end though, with its function explained by Apple themselves. The tiny hole contains a small noise-cancelling microphone. The reason for having three microphones in an iPhone is to give the users the best call and voice quality of any phone available.

iphone microphone hole 3

The third microphone at the back allows for distortion free calls in the new handsets. The front and the speaker microphone aren’t involved in noise-cancelling only. They also clear your voice while making videos, making them a sound input for the device. That is why Siri is able to hear us from across the room clearly.

iphone microphone hole 4

The speaker has also been upgraded along with other features over the time and delivers a flawless experience. Here is an old but informative video about Apple’s sound strategy:

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