The Problem With Air Dryers Has Been Solved

Drying your hands at a common rest room has become a nuisance. The air dryers that are used for this purpose are always either too low or too high for average humans. However, a Korean designer has designed an air dryer that takes height out of the equation and makes hand drying very much more convenient.

universal hand dryer by park

Hyunsu Park, a student at the Kookmin University Department of Industrial Design, won an award from the Industrial Designers Society of America for his air dryer, which features a circular air flow that radiates hot air upwards and downwards. His design is based on the Dyson Airblade design that releases air in two different directions, upwards and downwards. This vertical release of air makes it much easier to access for children, people of different heights and even people with disabilities.

universal hand dryer by park 1

The more commonly used design is the classic one that has a circular button which makes the dryer go off for about ten seconds. The other one, which is now more in use, is fitted with motion detectors that set off the dryer once you place your hands beneath it. Park’s new design however, is more practical because it releases air vertically so that you have a choice to dry your hands depending on your preferred height.

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