Walter 'The one who knocks' White, returns this Sunday, August 11th.

In memory of Walter white, everyone’s favorite meth dealer, we share with you a video recap of things that have happened so far in ‘Breaking Bad’ and the things we love the most about the show. We handpicked the videos we enjoyed the most, and here we share it with you. A spoiler alert to anyone who hasn’t caught up with all the episodes, these videos contain a lot of major plot points.

“The Idiot’s Guide to Breaking Bad”

This is your basic recap of  major plot points so far in ‘Breaking bad’.

“9 MINUTE BREAKING BAD: The Epic Refresher”

This is an extremely detailed recap of ‘Everything’ that has happened in all the seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’

“Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical”

If you like musicals, and ‘Breaking Bad’. Well then this is for you.

Now that our memory has been refreshed, lets look at some other videos, form how the show might end to the “Evolution of Walter White’

Honest Trailers – cialis 100mg dosage Breaking Bad

“6 Ways Breaking Bad Could End”

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game parody

In an alternate universe, Breaking Bad aired as a network family drama in 1995. Here’s the intro.

The Simpsons take on Breaking Bad.

Taylor Swift + Breaking Bad Parody – ‘We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together’

A reminder of all the laughs we had with our dynamic duo.

In the end all bad things come to an end, it is sad to say to goodbye to such an amazing show. We end this article with a great video, reminding us of the evolution of Walter White from a shy chemistry teacher, to the “One who knocks