The New Mercedes A45 AMG Has More Power And A Prettier Face

Is it a hatchback or is it a sports car?  The Mercedes A45 AMG was already crossing the line, but the engineer at AMG’s Affalterbach headquarter decided that the pint sized turbo needed more power.

mercedes A45 AMG2

Mercedes AMG CEO, Tobias Moers has confirmed the next-generation model will have an all new four cylinder engine that develops more than 400 bhp (298 kW).  “It is important for our customers to have the most powerful car in the segment” says Moers.  The car will have added sporty and muscular highlights to the exterior design.  Moers also hinted that this new A45 would be able to get around the track in less than eight minutes.

mercedes A45 AMG3

With the extra 15kW from its 2.0 liter motor, the new and improved A45 AMG will now hit 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds.    This isn’t just is a boostier turbo either.  In fact, max pressure stays the same.  The package includes AMG RIDE CONTROL, which is what we call adaptive damping  It should make the A45 more useable on lumpy roads.  Merc has worked on the camshafts and valves among other tweaks.  “For us it’s an all new car,” says Moers.  Pointing to the new 19 inch wheels and new front apron he says, “most of all it’s about the performance.” To make sure the car’s stable handling isn’t upset be the extra power and torque, Mercedes is offering a mechanical locking differential on the front axle that works in tandem with the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system to drag the car out of low-speed corners and slingshot it off into the distance.The New Mercedes A45 AMG Has More Power And A Prettier Face

A 45 AMG (W 176) 2012

A 45 AMG (W 176) 2012

In spite of all the changes made to the A45, the fuel economy remains unchanged.  The facelifted A-Class goes on sale in autumn.

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