The New Android Smart Hard Hat by DAQRI

After making its way to phones, watches, tablets, TVs, and more, Android has now come to hats.  Hard hats that is, to be more specific, designed for the industrial environment such as engineers and construction workers. A Los Angeles based company, Daqri has come up with a hard hat which runs on Android, and has a heads-ups display which uses augmented reality to show information about different systems in an industry.

android hard hat3

This hard hat out of a sci-fi movie is equipped with sensors, cameras, and a transparent visor which works as a heads up display.  With all the high tech software embedded in it, it can show instructions, give out early warning signals, and perform quality checks on expensive machinery.  It can also be paired up with smartwatches, phones and other devices.  It runs on two Snapdragon processors and saves data on flash cartridges.  The price of the android hard hat is still unknown until its launch in October.

android hard hat2

Having access to immediate information when it needs to be provided is an amazing feature.  It will help workers be much more efficient at their jobs.  Little input or control from the person wearing the hard had is necessary to make it display information.  The company Daqri is only planning on selling the device to industrial companies.    We think this hard hat could also be beneficial to the home mechanic, eliminating the need to flip through instruction manuals.  android hard hat1The question is, Will Daqri be able to provide a usable, productive product that companies and their workers will benefit from?


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