The Modern Slingshot Called Gloveshot

Do you always hit the bull’s-eye when target practicing? Well, with this new slingshot, you will. If you are like target practice, you will love the Gloveshot. It is a perfect combination of modern engineering and design with old style techniques. The Gloveshot guarantees improved accuracy as it uses paracord wristband to apply counter pressure and takes off all the torque from your aiming hand, so you can focus solely on aiming.


The Gloveshot can fire a metal BB at over 45 meters per second. However, you can use other types of “bullets” too. Montie Gear even sell an arrow adapter than comes in really handy if you want to shoot arrows from your wrist, especially while hunting. Each handle is machined out of aluminum, held together by stainless steel nuts and bolts. BBs are held in place by a leather pouch, and the band can be replaced if you feel it starting to wear.

gloveshot 1

The cost of this awesome little gadget is not cheap. It will set you back $190 if your order online. There are cheaper alternatives available online but if it is accuracy and durability you desire, than Gloveshot is your answer. They use premium quality materials and minimize wear and tear. You can even customize your paracord with different colors. So all that and the fun of shooting at tin cans makes the Gloveshot a gadget worth having. Here is a video explaining how Gloveshot works:

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