The Light Bulb By Dyson Lasts A Lifetime

Jake Dyson, son of vacuum titan James Dyson, has created an LED that keeps its brightness for over 40 years. Dyson is the founder of Jake Dyson Lighting, which he founded in 2004 and is now a subsidiary of the larger Dyson brand. It might be the smartest, cheapest, and most environmentally-friendly light ever created.

lifetime light bulb

The company sells just two models of lamps: the CSYS, a floor and desk lamp, and the Cu-Beam, an overhead lamp. Both rely on LEDs, which Dyson says are designed to last a lifetime, provided they don’t overheat. The CSYS task lights and Cu-Beam suspended lights use heat pipes that channel the heat away from the LEDs and out of the room. This keeps them cool and prevents any damage that may occur otherwise.

lifetime light bulb 1

These LEDs can last for up to 40 years at full brightness but even after that, they won’t completely die. They will just function at 70% of their original intensity. Most companies just let their bulbs heat up which require change after sometime. Heat dissipating technology used in Dyson’s LEDs has been previously used in microprocessors and satellites but manufacturers still go for the low-tech options.

The reason for that is simple as explained by Dyson in the following words. He says, “The market for disposable light bulbs is worth billions of dollars a year worldwide, so some manufacturers are not interested in creating lighting products that last a lifetime. I see some parallels to when my father pioneered the first bagless vacuum cleaner. At that time other manufacturers rejected the idea because selling throwaway vacuum bags was so lucrative.”

lifetime light bulb 2

Dyson may well be the Edison of our time. He is reinventing the way people think about lighting in general. In the long run, his LEDs will enable the people to save tens of thousands of dollars in bills and replacements. In addition, the reduced waste will also make for a greener and cleaner Planet Earth. So effectively, Dyson is selling you a light bulb that will stay with you forever, shine over your baby’s crib and his embarrassing prom photos to even casting a glow on him/her when they get married.

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