The Light Bandit : Sunlight. Anytime. Anywhere.

We all love sunlight and everyone’s home should let the rays come through, but a lot of times our lifestyle blocks out most of it.  We spend most of our time indoors under artificial lighting that lacks important benefits of natural lighting.  The Light Bandit changes that.


The Light Bandit improves natural sunlight by giving you control over where and how the sun illuminates your home.  Light up your basement or darker areas of your home, grow healthy vegetables indoors, or simply enjoy natural light anywhere at any time.  The Light Bandit sits, or hangs on a window and collects direct rays from the sun.  It concentrates this sunlight into flexible optical fiber that ‘pipes’ the sunlight to anywhere in your home.  The fibers plug into special light fixtures that are just like artificial fixtures except instead of plugging them into the wall you just plug them into the Light Bandit.  So now you can have a lamp that lights your home and uses zero energy.  Using special coating technologies, the Light Bandit delivers only visible light, eliminating unwanted infrared light that can overheat your home.


The inventor, Duncan Earl said “The secret for collecting the sunlight is an array of mirrors that move inside the collector.”  “There are nearly 100 of these small mirrors that very slowly rotate to reflect the sunlight toward a focusing mirror- which ultimately concentrates the sunlight into optical fiber.”  Using a light sensor, the mirrors move throughout the day to constantly maximize the amount of sun they can collect.


Think Tekk, the San Diego, California based company and creators of Light Bandit say the device loses about 1 percent of the captured light over each foot it travels, so it is recommended to keep the fixtures within 30 feet of the device itself.  The product is still seeking funding, but they have a long way to go.  If you pre-order the Light Bandit it will cost $299.  After that, the price jumps to $349.  If everything goes as planned shipping will begin in November 2015.

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