The Kormaran: A New Class of Speedboat

James Bond will look great in one of these, chasing the bad guys, gliding over high seas. A water craft by the name of the Kormaran created by the Austrian company of the same name can glide on the water on high speeds as a catamaran, trimaran, monohull and hydrofoil .


The versatility of this vessel is due to a pair of hydraulically actuated hulls which allow it to transform before your eyes, even while it’s in motion.  Now every super hero is going to want one.  Basically the Kormaran is innovation at its best, letting boaters enjoy different types of boats without investing in individual models.  This is all possible due to the vessels’ kinetic hulls that quickly shape shift.


The twin hydrofoils which lie under the vessel give the luxury watercraft the ability to drive in shallow waters, as well as being able to land on shore. The use of the hydrofoils means that water resistance can be reduced by up to 80%, resulting in super high speeds while minimizing its environmental impact.

kormaran3 kormaran2

The Kormaran if fully made out of carbon fiber, featuring integrated formula 1 technology coupled with lightweight aircraft technology. The hydraulic arms are a combination of stainless steel and titanium, while the interior is leather.  The vessel can hit speeds of up to 44 mph and travel up to 108 nmi at that speed.  It measures 23 ft in length and between 5 and 11.5 ft in width.  Two passengers can sit behind the driver.

The Kormaran can serve as a swimming platform when anchored, a fold out deck gives occupants the chance to sunbathe or dive into the water. The prototype will be shown at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month.  Though a price for the craft has not been announced, we’re sure the company didn’t spend an estimated US $13 million without reeling in a few wealthy yacht owners.

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