The HexH2O Drone Shoots Aerial and Underwater Footage

The HexH2O is the world’s first waterproof production multirotor housing a gimbal, allowing you the ability to capture fully stabilized video from both above and below water.  QuadH2O, a Thailand based company are the makers of the HexH2O.


The HexH2O drone has a waterproof casing that gives you the ability to film underwater.  The hexacopter carries a Zenmuse-h3-3D gimbal and GoPro so you can shoot aerial footage both above and below the water line.  The drone is built with DJI components such as Autopilot and Propulsion system.


With the recommended twin lipo set up you can achieve up to 25 mins flight time.  The HexH2O has an epoxy fiber/carbon fiber waterproof that floats.  Users can fly it out to the spot of choice, land it, shoot footage of whatever they want and then take off again.  While the drone is in flight, an internal fan and exterior mounted heat skin keeps things from getting too hot.  Its foldable carbon fiber prop arms make it easy to transport.


The HexH2O will cost you US $3,658 plus shipping.  This will include everything you need excep the batteries and GoPro.  Pre-orders for the drone will begin in the second week of January while shipping is slated for three to four weeks after that.

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