‘The Exorcist’ TV Series?

DeadLine is reporting that TV networks are looking to bring ‘The Exorcist” to the small screen.

TV series take on William Peter Blatty’s best seller is brewing. I hear Morgan Creek, which has the rights sildenafil citrate over the counter usa to the property, is shopping an Exorcist drama series penned by hot young feature writer Jeremy Slater. I hear there is interest in the project from broadcast and cable networks. Roy Lee, executive producer of The Departed and The Ring, is set to executive produce.

Personally I feel there is no need, to bring such a amazing film, to the small screen. But if done right and faithfully, it could be a successful series, and whichever networks picks it up, must keep in mind some of the dialog that made this movie great and impact full, for example:

“Demon: Your mother sucks cocks in Hell, Karras, you faithless slime.”

“[Regan, possessed, is masturbating with a crucifix]

Demon: Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck you. Let him fuck you.”

“Father Merrin: I cast you out! Unclean spirit!

Demon: Shove it up your ass, you faggot!”

You can’t fake this.

Plus, what makes this movie even more amazing are urban legends surrounding the movie, There were nine deaths associated with the film, among them were actor Jack McGowran (who played Burke Dennings), Max von Sydow’s brother, Linda Blair’s grandfather, and a nightwatchman working on the set.

Many of the film’s participants claimed the film was cursed, and there were some strange occurrences during the filming. Lead actress Burstyn indicated some rumors were true in her 2006 autobiography, Lessons in Becoming Myself. Because of a studio fire, the interior sets of the MacNeil residence (with the exception of Regan’s bedroom) had to be rebuilt and caused a setback in pre-production. Friedkin claimed that a priest was brought in numerous times to bless the set. After difficulties encountered in the New York production, Blatty asked Fr. King to bless the Washington crew on its first day of filming at the foot of Lauinger Library’s steps to 37th Street. – Wikipedia

In the end if they want to make it, they will make it. But it should still have the ability to shock and surprise people, because this film was released in 1973 for it’s audience and if you just copy the same material over, it will not work for a 2013 audience. With shows like American horror story keeping us on the edge of our seats, is there a really a need for a Exorcist T.V series?