The Efficiency Battle Between A Roundabout And A 4-Way Stop

In case of driving, USA is not only different form UK with respect to the side of the road they drive on. One of the other most important dissimilarities is approach of controlling intersections. In America, ‘4-way stop’ approach is in practice whereas UK uses the ‘roundabout’. Each of them seems to be completely ridiculous to the other, however, the real question is that which of them is the better approach in moving traffic? The best method to find this out is by arranging same tests for each of them and then watching how many cars can make their way through each intersection.

The More Efficient Intersection System- a Roundabout or a 4-Way Stop (2)

For the implementation of each intersection system, traffic and transportation design played a major role. The main reason for choosing 4-way stop in USA is that the engineers considered it much safer as compared to roundabout intersection. But, the safety of this intersection system in USA does affect the efficiency of the system. In case you have ever used a 4-way stop, you must have seen the confusion between the drivers who reached at the same time and hence making this technique even slower.

The More Efficient Intersection System- a Roundabout or a 4-Way Stop (3)

With these seeming inadequacies, which intersection is faster is still a question. In order to end this debate, the Mythbusters tested each of them. Take a look.

Getting into the test would force one to possibly presume that that the roundabout would be faster, however, the actual question is, by how much?  You will find out that roundabouts are more than 20% more efficient than 4-way stops. Therefore, one can say that maybe it’s time the USA get on board with the UK.

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