The Cronzy Pen Has 16 Million Colors For You To Select From

The Cronzy pen is an artist’s dream becoming reality. This wonderful pen holds an amazing 16 million colors in one package. You can save a lot of money which is spent on colors and art supplies by having this wonderful pen. The pen has an incredible quality of scanning the object for the color and replicating the exact shade.

cronzy pen 1

This incredible breakthrough can revolutionize art and artists can now bring the world to life on paper without match in history. There is a smartphone app of Cronzy pen as well. Users can easily select a color or scan an object for capturing its color and start drawing there. The users can save their favorite colors as well and share them with friends on social media. The Cronzy pen can draw on several surfaces like canvas or even skin along with paper.

cronzy pen 2

The campaign of Cronzy pen is being run on Indiegogo by its designers. The rewards include a kit that comes with five interchangeable tips for of varying diameters. There are two ink cartridges and a charger also included in the package. The Cronzy pen team believes that by spring next year, they will start shipping their product. Take a look at the video below:

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