The Citycopter; A Peek Into the Future

Eduardo Galvani’s new concept of a person compact helicopter that he calls “the Citycopter” is the thing of the future. Imagine flying around in small helicopters, living in tall building with helipads extruding out of the structures of our homes.


The vision somewhat resembles the ambiance of “The Jetsons” cartoon  and in future who knows we might actually get there.

fly-copter-1The Citycopter has a range of 300 miles and is equipped with solar panels, it reaches a top speed of 120 mph. Given these specifications the notion of personal helicopters may seem limited. The combat Citycopter accommodates2 persons.


The future of Citycopter depends on the apposite infrastructure that would accompany it. Perhaps filling stations that recharge batteries quickly as if getting fuel for your car could make a huge difference, even to extent that cars might actually be extinct. CitycopterFly-Citycopter-4 Citycopter6 Fly-Citycopter-3

The mobility and ease of roaming around the cities in this mode of transportation can not be questioned. However managing air traffic and of metropolitan scale is something debatable.

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