The Best Way to Exercise at the Office : THE GLYDER

Getting up and going to the gym is just so hard when you have a 9-5 job and you’re sitting at your desk all day. Now you can use something called the Glyder to exercise while you’re sitting, and burn calories.  Using the Glyder for thirty minutes to an hour a day will help you lose weight and stay healthy at work.glyder5Created by the company, Compactix, the Glyder works on electromagnetic resistance and allow you to glide silently under your desk. Sync it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth to control exercise resistance levels, monitor calories, glides and distance, track workout log, and compete with your colleagues.  Not realizing that you’re exercising while you’re using the Glyder will help you burn additional calories that you would not otherwise have burned.  It gradually adds up, so burning 100 calories a day could turn into 3,000 calories a month.


Losing extra calories is not the only reason to use the Glyder, it gets your muscles to work, blood circulation increases, and energy level rises, reducing fatigue and stress. The Glyder lies under your desk and you place your feet on the pedals, moving them forward and backwards in a gliding motion.  This allows you to exercise discretely without standing up or worrying about hitting your desk with your knees.


glyder6The Glyder is the product of over a year of hard work.  The company tested a series of models and various mechanisms before they could achieve what they wanted in both function and style.  It glides without friction so it doesn’t generate any noise that would bother your co-workers.  The pedals are adjustable according to your foot’s width, and the dashboard provides you with clear data about your workout.  Now, there are no more excuses!!

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