The Best 5 Al Virtual Assistants So Far

Presently, an Al arms race is taking place in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. The first movement of this race is about artificial virtual assistants being ready to become our new digital best friends soon in the future. There are four chief players in the AI virtual assistant space other than the famous AI virtual assistant of Apple known as Siri.

The Best 5 Al Virtual Assistants So Far (6)

Check out the interesting video placing 3 of them to test: Google Now, Siri and Cortana:

There is abundance of startups and emerging technologies along with the top 5 that could do better than the greatest players in the space. Some distinguished startups will be pointed out at the end of this article. As a matter of fact, there are many Al players that are unknown at this time. The AI virtual assistants are listed below in alphabetical order:


The Amazon Alexa App plays music, answers questions, provides weather and news updates, creates lists, and more.  Cloud technology is being used by Alexa so that she learns continuously and progresses over time. In fact, the more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your accent, voice and speech patterns.

Google Play rating: 4.2 stars. 4,910 total reviews.

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Cortana makes appointments, sends email, opens apps, or helps you find whatever you’re looking for. She lets your PC and phone to work as one. In addition to this, she is also up for a little chat as per the creators of Cortana, and hence, urge you try to speak about whatever is on your mind.

Google Play rating: 3.9 stars. 6,167 total reviews.

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The virtual assistant technology of Facebook known as ‘M’ won’t be available to users for years. No one knows how many years, however, Facebook Messenger Chief David Marcus told that Facebook initiated testing M in August of 2015. Until now, this technology has been limited to a trivial group of early testers. Tasks such as ordering food, booking travel and setting up appointment can be accomplished by M. Since the service still depends upon a team of human administrators to complete most of its demands, therefore, the long-term aim of M is to be fully automated one day. These human assistants are educating M to be more accurate. So, we can say that M is going through its teens at the present.

No ratings yet.

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A voice-activated virtual assistant ‘Google Now’ responds to your command, “Ok, Google.” It can search with your voice, sends text messages, gets directions, plays songs, and more. Usually, most of the search results bring up YouTube videos. Mathematical computations and other advanced requests can also be taken care of by Google. Google is exceptionally good at anything associated with navigation.

Google Play rating: 4.3 stars. 679,178 total reviews.

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As Apple was the first company to release its Al virtual assistant ‘Siri’ in 2011 on a mass scale, therefore, Siri has been in the limelight of AI virtual assistants. Siri has a significant personality within the AI virtual assistant space. It sends messages, places calls and makes dinner reservations. Siri can do computations and advanced requests. It also does pretty well in the email and messaging space. Apple urges people to use Siri like a friend. Moreover, the producers of Siri are also going to launch a new upgraded AI virtual assistant known as ‘Viv’ in the near future, however as per reports, they are not going to sell it to only one company.

Ratings are N/A because it’s integrated into the iPhone.

The Best 5 Al Virtual Assistants So Far (5)

In accordance with ‘, the noteworthy startups in the AI virtual assistant space are, ID Avatars, MindMeld.

In case you are ready to be amused by the silly and weird questions asked by of humans from AI virtual assistants, check out the following amazing video:


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