The Bariseur Clock Brews Coffee While Waking You Up

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to get up in the morning. Doesn’t matter how much of a morning person you are, when you wake up, you want to stay in bed even if for a split second. But that’s what the makers of The Bariseur alarm clock are trying to change with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

bariseur coffee making alarm clock 2

The Bariseur is an automatic coffee and tea maker that also works as an alarm clock. Waking up to the sound of bubbling hot water and the smell of coffee or tea is better than the dreaded bell of the conventional alarm clock. The inventor Joshua Renouf says that the smell of coffee and tea acts as a relaxant and stimulates the user in the morning once brewed.

bariseur coffee making alarm clock 4

The Bariseur heats water to 94 degrees Celsius via induction heating and steel ball bearing at the bottom of a glass beaker. The steam pressure produced forces the water out of the vessel and into the stainless steel filter where coffee or tea are placed. It also comes with an automatic brewer, a small cooler and a sealed drawer for sugar and other necessities. Perfectly functional yet aesthetically pleasing, The Bariseur – a combination of “barista” and “connoisseur” – is apparently very simple to set up and use on a daily basis, easy to clean and perfectly safe, since the heating surface stays cool due to induction.

bariseur coffee making alarm clock 3

The project was first announced in 2014 but Renouf and his team spent the last two years refining the design. To get over the last bump, they have started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for £380,000 ($550,000) to meet their financial goals. The manufacturing process is expected to be completed by 2017 and the base price will be £265 (around $385) with more discounts promised to those who act quickly and become the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Here is an illustrative video of the Bariseur.

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