The Backbone – A Wireless Charger for Your iPhone 5/5s

Have you ever been out on the road and your phone dies? It sure is a bummer, but there are many solutions to avoid this dilemma. An Australian company, Dog and Bone has designed and created what they claim is the world’s first shockproof wireless charging case for the iPhone 5. There are many wireless charging options out there for smartphones so what is different about this one?The Backbone

The Backbone, as the company calls it is a wireless charger which consists of a few components that allow your iPhone to be charged when you’re away from home and don’t want to carry around the extra wires. When you purchase this product you will receive a phone case, a wireless receiver that attaches to the back of the phone, a wireless charge pad, a screen protector, a micro USB cable and an audio cable to use with headphones. You can purchase a backup battery separately to get additional charge on the go.The Backbone3 The Backbone6

The dimensions of the Backbone measure 12.2mm thick, and 63mm wide. Attaching this to your phone will add about 3mm in thickness and 10mm of length to your iPhone. Even though attaching the Backbone doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone, it is quite heavy. Apparently the material the Backbone is made of is absolutely outstanding. The rugged make assures protection and the pattern on the back makes gripping it easier. When the Backbone is attached, the full face of the phone is uncovered so that access to the phone’s screen is not hindered at all.The Backbone5 The Backbone4

When tested the Backbone was fractionally quicker than the traditional charging method which is plugging the charger into an outlet, but faster is faster. With its ‘drop n charge’ technology there’s no plugging in, no fussing with cables. It’s the first shockproof case. It can withstand drops from 4 feet high. The Backbone’s case is Qi compatible which means consumers can charge their iPhone at any airport, café, or diner with a Qi hotspot.The Backbone7 The Backbone8

Time and time again technology has proven to make our lives easier. The Backbone will cost you about US $110, which is a bit more than other charging solutions available in the market but with this purchase you will get a rugged case which is good looking as well.

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