The 3DSimo Mini Draws In 3D, and Now It Comes With Soldering, Cutting And Foam Cutting Attachments

Draw, and let it come to life! Such is the beauty of the 3DSimo drawing pen, with the air we breath its canvas. And if that wasn’t the best thing to have, it now gets an update. The latest version can cut foam, burn and solder. The 3DSimo Mini is smaller than its predecessor and more suited to the category of a pen.

3D SImo Mini (31)

This gadget easily fits in the palm, and works with a wide variety of 3D printing materials including ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, FLEXI, laybrick and laywood.

3D SImo Mini (3)

3D Simo draws in 3D with different materials, and leaves it to the artist’s imagination to draw using this innovative tool. The work materializes, much like a 3D printer’s, in 3 dimensional space and you can create objects from jewellery to science projects.

3D SImo Mini (1)

The pen’s temperature can be controlled with its app that connects via BT to suit the material and inspiration at hand. With a variety of templates and videos at your disposal, learning comes as easy as experimentation does. The 3DSimo does unfortunately work with a power socket but an external battery pack bumps up the performance for an hour, and the removable pack is good to go with your smartphone as well – charge your phone on the go with it.

3DSimo Mini Battery

3D SImo Mini (2)

The additional tools will be able as separate tips and expected to cost US$15. Kickstarter backers want other tips and the team seems to be open to ideas, and by the time the project materializes in February 2016, we can expect to have a variety of tips at hand.

3D SImo Mini (1)

The Kickstarter campaign stands at a  $70,000 goal and early birds can enjoy a 3DSimo Mini at $89. Till than, us folks who dwell on the internet can see it in action right here:


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