Tesla’s New Automated Robotic Snake Charger

Tesla Motors is developing a robotic snake arm that would emerge from the wall and connect itself to the battery port on the Model S sedan.  Such an advancement would essentially create a hands-free car charging system for owners of these sleek electric vehicles.

snake1 snake3

CEO and chief product architect, Elon Musk made the announcement, promising a ‘solid metal snake’ that automatically moves from the wall and connects to the car.  He also said that this elaborate technology would be able to work with existing models as well as those released in the future.


If this technology is available for residential installation, the robotic charging snake would be a great benefit for Tesla owners.  It eliminates the need to remember to plug your car’s battery in for charging, so electric car owners would never wake up to a dead battery.


At the moment, detail are a bit sketchy, but the technology seems to be on the way alongwith designing cars that do everything themselves.  It is uncertain though whether this automatic robot snake  charger would be available only for supercharging stations or a home as well

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