Tesla Model S P100D Will Be Overpowered By Faraday Future Prototype

Faraday Future is working arduously to produce scheme for a vehicle as the 2017 CES is approaching. Despite the fact that not much information is available regarding the car, it is being expected to be a very big deal.

Faraday Future

For some months now, it is being considered within the industry that the company is working out to unveil an electric SUV which has been confirmed by the Faraday Future reporter by means of a teaser video. The video hints that they intended to manufacture a mystifying SUV having the capability of defeating Tesla’s Model X during a drag race.Faraday Future Car

Now, a more engaging video has been released this week depicting that this new enigmatic car will have the capacity of getting the better of the fastest electric cars in history, that is, Tesla’s flagship Model S. The video also shows that an amazing job has been done by the engineers regarding the powertrain technology. Simultaneously, Tesla also aims to advance its Model S’ 0-60 with some imminent updates.

Faraday Future car competing with Tesla

Although marvelous creations have been made by Faraday Future, it is not evident yet whether this production will be as incredible as it claims. The major reason for this concern is that two top executives have recently left the company. However, nobody knows for certain how this is going to affect the company in the near future.

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