Technologies that You Can Wear

There is no argument that the advancement in technology has amazed us. It was not that long when we had computers the size of our rooms. but since then, the industry has come a long way. The goal was to reduce size and build the next device smaller and more powerful than the previous. With time we all saw that it really was achieved quite handsomely, and today we have many devices that are small yet pack a punch in processing power and have a tremendously efficient output. However, we think that another aspect will be amalgamated in the years to come to this industry, that being, wearable technology.

We have been carrying many technological gadgets for a long time with us, but according to analysts, it’s about time we start wearing them. With forecasts of iWatch and Google Glass this year, it is likely that many other companies will crave for a piece of the pie. Some of the companies have managed to launch devices that people are already using; an example would be the ‘smart watch’. Last year wearable technology encompassing hearing aids and other devices brought in revenues of $9 billion, and this number is to go up to $30 billion by 2030 according to experts.

There are a few problems associated with continuous, wireless, global usage of new innovative devices like smart glasses with computing powers or smart watches, since there is no network support for them yet. Other than that, a survey in America suggest that about 42% of the workers are not willing to wear such gadgets to work. Traditional workers are more comfortable with the way things are. With time however, no one knows how well these gadget will fit in, but the current trends indicate a highly potential market. Here are a few devices that are readily available in the market along with few concepts that might appear in the future.

Google Glasses:

Google Glasses

Sony Smart Watch:

Sony smart watch

Fitness Bracelets:

Fitness bracelets


Mood Sweaters:

They change colours according to the mood of the wearer. Blue for calm and red for angry.

Mood Sweaters

Vacuum shoes:

Vacuum Shoes

Concept Vacuum shoes

Concept iPhone:

Concept iPhone

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