Take A Look At The Top 10 Exceptional iPhone 7 Cases

There is no doubt that your iPhone is an extension of you, therefore a cool, unique case is the requirement of every iPhone owner which articulates their personal style. In case, you are tired of plain black cases, this article will help you protect your iPhone with colourful and creative cases. However, you might notice that some of the images given below are placeholder images and might not feature the iPhone 7 in the case, the reason being that iPhone 7 is very new and some of the retailers did not get the chance to update their product images.

10. iSPECLE Textured iPhone 7 Case


In case you are in search of a case that looks sturdy, this case is the solution. The features which assist in making this black case stand out are sharp corners and carbon fiber-inspired pattern. White and dark blue colours are also available and you can also go for a three pack that includes all of the colours at a discount. This case does not only look cool, but also the textured back makes it easier to keep a firm grip on your device. Besides, there is a 12-month warranty for this case. It costs $11.99 (37 percent off MSRP).

9. Case-Mate Karat Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7


This rare iPhone 7 case is the best option for those who are looking for a case with some sparkle and sheen. It is made with mother of pearl, alongside sterling silver shards. However, this case is not just a pretty face, it is also tough as it has been drop tested to meet MIL-STD-810G standards. Therefore, a durable case along with a lifetime warranty is something that you can feel confident dropping $50 on. Although there are rose gold and gold versions of this case, the mother of pearl is really something exceptional. Hence, choose MOP in case you want a case that is very unique. It is priced at $49.99.

8. Vena Harmony iPhone 7 Case


Well, it might be the case that you were pumped to witness the jet black variant of the iPhone 7 that was unveiled at the Apple Keynote, and then disappointed in an instant when you heard that the jet black version of the phone is more liable to scratching than the other colours. The back panel of this phone case is very different that offers you the textured grip you want from a protective case, however with a wide curve that also allow you show off the black of your phone (or whatever colour you chose).

Therefore, if you are among the people who want a case that not only keeps your iPhone 7 safe but also displays its colour, this is the perfect option. Also, in case you don’t like the black colour, you can select teal, navy blue, or coral pink. It costs $13.99.

In addition to this, we also have “Vena’s iPhone 7 wallet case” which is the best option for those who are looking for more functionality.

7. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES ‘Plum Arabesque’ Case for iPhone 7


The OtterBox cases are built strong, however sometimes the ones you find in stores around the launch of a new device are kind of boring. But, this colourful case is anything but not that. The three-layer protective case with a built-in screen protector is something incredible. It is priced at $59.95.

6. Belk Slim Wood Phone 7 Case


Well, we all must agree with the fact that wood cases always draw our attention. There is something really very remarkable about selecting to wrap a metal phone in a wooden case. The wood veneer is only 0.5mm thick and is portrayed as the thinnest and lightest wood bumper case for the iPhone. In order to add to impact resistance and make the case easier to slip on over your phone, the wood is paired with rubber. In the above picture, it is the birch wood finish, however you can also get this case in more accustomed wood styles such as walnut, cherry, or oak. In addition to this, there is also a teak version, which is another unique option for those who want a woodgrain case that stands out from similar cases. It costs $12.99 (68 percent off MSRP).

5. Auroralove White Fuzzy iPhone 7 Case with Rhinestone Camera Cutout


This furry iPhone case is the best option for you in the winter when you can snuggle your fingers inside it. As it is available in several colours, so you can easily choose the colour that expresses your personality. Although, white is a really nice colour, we have this feeling that it might look dingy over time. In addition to all this, these cases can also be washed with soap and water and can be then fluffed back to their original look with the help of a hairdryer. It is priced at $7.99.

4. GMYLE Black Water Marble iPhone 7 Case


This rare case resembles a marble floor or like an oil spill. This swirling, unusual design is unlike what most other people around you will be using to protect their smartphone. The colours of this case have been designed in such a way that they resist fading over time. Also this case doesn’t add much bulk to your device. There are six other patterns and colours available, so check them all out and find the marble look that speaks to you. It costs $6.98 (42 percent off MSRP).

3. Sonix SUSHI Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7


This is the perfect iPhone 7 case for you in case you are the lover of sushi as there are cute images of sushi all over the back of the case. Besides, it has been designed in such a way that the case lasts such as this style of case boasts an anti-scratch UV coating to protect against scrapes, dings, and fading. The button covers assist in protecting the points of ingress, and the case has been drop tested to withstand short drops. Its price is $35.

2. Agent18 ‘Preppy’ iPhone 7 Case


This amazing case has a very pretty look. In order to develop a case with numerous cool design elements, we use colour blocking and gradient stripes. Nonetheless, this case may not be to all tastes. It is priced at $19.96 (5 percent off MSRP).

1. Rokform Predator iPhone 7 Case


Durable, lightweight aluminium has been utilized to create this case. The design protects the most vulnerable parts of a smartphone, that is, the corners and the screen. This can be the perfect case for you if you just want to enjoy the lines and colour of your phone and do not like bulky cases.

Additionally, this case contains a universal magnetic car mount which is an incredible perk for those who like to use their phone while being in the car. Besides, as this has been mentioned by Apple in the past that magnetic iPhone accessories have the capability of interfering with phone features like NFC and optical image stabilization, those are features you’re less likely to be using while driving, therefore, we think this is a fine accessory to use with your iPhone 7 while you are in the car. It costs $83.82.


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