Geeky Godesses – 6 Successful Females in Tech Industry

These women not only have managed to climb the ladder of the corporate world but they also pack some serious technology knowledge with them. Today we have chosen 6 female geeks who rule their respective fields.

6. Ursala Burns:

Ursula Burns


She started off as an intern in 1980 and is now the chair of Xerox which happens to be a $23 billion global business giant with over 140,000 employees. She became the CEO in 2009.  She changed one aspect of the company that being to move form photocopying into the digital technologies. She is the first African American woman to lead a major U.S Corporation in the history.

5. Sheryl Sandberg:

Sheryl Sandberg gives a description of Sheryl as “monetizing the world’s largest social networking site while keeping its users happy and engaged” and as the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook she is doing exactly that. Her job includes to look after the business of Facebook implying that she has to take care of  sales, marketing, business development, human resources, public policy and communications. She seems to be doing one hell of a job.

4. Marissa Mayer:



She is not only one of the youngest female to attain the position of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company but also the first female engineer at Google and among the first 20 hired back in 1999. Before she was the CEO at Yahoo, she held the  post of Vice President of Local and Maps for Google and her work on the search engine of Google is extensive.

3. Jane Moran:

Jane Moran,


Jane’s task is undoubtedly a mammoth one, she manages over 1200 personnels.  As Global Chief Information Officer, her hob is to look after the business systems for Thomson Reuters. The company sells information related to science, legal issues, finances, business and  media. The company employs over 55,000 in over 100 countries. To be in a position where Jane is now, one has to pack a lot of guts and brains.

2. Judy Estrin:

Judy Estrin


Judy has had the honour of studying electrical engineering at Stanford alongside Vint Cerf ( who is considered as one of the fathers of the internet) and she also holds a degree in computer sciences from UCLA. She led a team at Zilog Corporation that developed the first commercial LAN system. She also managed to co-found 3 companies which make networking devices and software. From 1998 to 2000, she served as CTO for Cisco Systems and has been a board member for Disney, FedEx, Rockwell and Sun Microsystems.

1. Cher Wang:

Cher Wang


Cher is the co-founder and chairwoman of HTC corporation. She has led the company through the transition into a world full of smartphone and mobile technology and she also partnered up with Google and Microsoft to create mobiles, smartphone and other products that are globally compatible. She was ranked the 276th richest person in the world, with an estimated personal wealth of $4 billion, by Forbes Magazine, which describes her as “the most powerful woman in wireless.”

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