Sticker that Turns Glass into a Projector Screen.


Transparent displays may seem like a thing of the future or found only on expensive devices but with the break through that a team at MIT made, made this all is imminent. The team has managed to make see through displays that can be put on a glass or plastic as a thin coat just as tinting a car glass and it can project moving images. The glass can be window or even lenses.

Displays of the likes discussed above are currently using either of the two methods to create images. Either a mirror or beam-splitter to project an image directly into the user’s eyes (this makes image seem as if it is hovering in space). The draw back is that since the image is kind of thrown onto the glass or the surface the viewer has to be in line of the beam to see the image properly thus it has a limited range. The creation by MIT however mobilizes nano particles that  are embedded into the transparent material that are tuned to only scatter certain wavelengths, colours or lights, while letting other wavelengths pass through. What that means is that the surface remains transparent unlike the ones with use electronics like LEDs and  transparent circuits built directly onto the display as it compromises the level to the surface being transparent.


The team from MIT utilized as much as 60 silver nano particle over 60 nano meters wide to project the blue colour however according to the officials the same principle can be used to produce a wide range of colours. The applications of the product has a wide spectrum. It can be used by shop keepers to display notifications without blocking the view into the shop or  by car manufacturers to project directions on cars without distorting the view of the driver and so on. Officials also told that it is easy to make and relatively cost effective hence mass production for common consumer may be possible. Moreover Prof. Soljačić, the professor behind the project, also told that at the time it is just a concept which needed much more work. But one this is sure that the applications are limitless.

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